Best Five Down Comforter On 2016 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

down comforter A down comforter is a luxurious way to feel your sleep. Down comforters are not only made for cold weather. There is a huge range of it to choose for all seasons in the market. They are differentiated by weight as well. You not only enjoy the gentle warmth of your down comforters in the winter only, but it can be used for all year round as you have options to purchase a down comforter with lightweight, natural and breathable material as well. The down comforter is not filled with feathers. The down does not have a flat or a stiff shape like actual feathers too.
Before purchasing a good one for you, it would be right to know what to look for buying to make a great purchase. Here are some essential tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for a high quality down comforters. Read on to know more about it.

Guide To Choose?

1.Look for the best comforter that comes within your budget


At first set a budget. Keeping that in mind, you need to determine how many down comforter you will need for your home and how much you can spend on each comforter. In this scenario, it would be perfect if you try to pay more so that your comforter will last longer. It is important to keep in mind that how you would like to sleep, whether you need extra warmth or not. You may opt for a lightweight or may go with heavy weight. Determine your down comforter according to your sleeping habits as well. As the down has the advantage of being insulating without increasing weight and is highly comfortable too. But it is not recommended for allergy sufferers. Some unique washing methods can trigger allergy problems.
When you are going to buy it, you have to pay for high quality. Yes, you may find synthetic fills are less pricey, but they cannot regulate temperature as a down comforter.

2.Choose a Filing you want to have:


When shopping for a down comforter, you should know about the filing. The down is a natural insulator and highly desired for its fluffy fill and lightweight nature. Although feathers can provide some insulation, they are mainly used to give support.
Goose down used to make down comforter. You may have an option in both gray and white goose down. You may prefer white goose down as it cannot show through your white comforter shells. Goose down comes from larger birds and provides more massive cluster. The undeniably large goose group is more durable than duck ones.
Most manufacturers use goose down comforter but you will get the option in filling with the duck- down also. You may find duck down in the lower end comforters. The filling with goose and duck down can give equal insulation. Geese are wild, and their down is plucked after capturing them. Certainly, the clusters of the geese are more mature. They can be larger and warmer than duck ones as the ducks can be farmed and their group size may vary.

3.Check the designs available in the market and determine what is best for you:

You will get plenty of varieties in the market. Here are some common designs and their benefits.
• Baffle box -In this kind of down comforters, strips of fabric are sewn between the top and bottom layers of the comforter. Those pieces of fabric are known as baffles. This one is designed for creating compartments for the fill. You can have a fully expanded bedding to get the highest loft.
• Gusset -In gusset design, walls are being designed around the outer edge of the comforter. It means the walls connect the top and bottom layers of it. To maximize loft, edges add height to this. These comforters generally come in baffle box or box stitch.
• Diamond-comfortered -In this design, the top and bottom layers of comforters are sewn to form a diamond pattern. This design eliminates shifting of the fill as well.
• Ring-Stitch -To create small circles, the top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together. In this type of construction, fill can move around the comforter.
• Karo-Step -In cross-stitch design, fill cannot move through compartments of the own comforter freely. But this allows some movement to the fill. Karo- step is sewn through or baffled designed.
• Sewn-Through box stitch – You will see a frame pattern design, in which the top and bottom layers are sewn together. This type of comforter restricts the movement of the fill.
• Sewn-Through Channel Stitch -In this design, the top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together in vertical or horizontal rows. Fill can have more movement here than a box stitched comforter.
You have to choose your comforter amongst these designs. Make sure which one is greatest for you. If you want a lofty down comforter, then you can go with baffle-box construction. As baffle-box construction has a grid-like stitching, it keeps down more lofty and prevents to form tiny gaps.

4.Buy a perfect fabric:


When you need down comforters for you, don’t forget the material is also important. Down comforters are made with both cotton and linen. Choose accordingly. Understand what you exactly need to sleep comfortably and make your purchase.

5.Select a well-stitched comforter depending on thread count:


Thread plays an important role to make your down comforter work for you. A higher thread count provides a tighter weave to the fabric. It helps to make the fabric soft as well. If you choose a down comforter with a higher thread count and tighter wave, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality thing that can hold fill well and will last longer. If thread count or weave is not right, there is a high chance that the filling can shift and bunch eventually. The fill may be unevenly distributed after long term use or washing. To prevent this, a well-stitched comforter having baffle box construction could be the best fit for you.

6.Determine the thickness or fill power of comforter you want to buy:


Down comforters come with a fill power. Fill power is a number that tells you how much fill is there in particular down comforters. The range of fill power lies between 525 to 700. You will get a fluffier one upon choosing a higher number in fill power. For example, if you want to buy a lightweight down comforter, buy one with a lower fill power number. And if you like to have a heavy weight comforter, go with higher fill power number and get extra warmth during the sleep. A fill power is having 600 rating or more, is enough to create an excellent loft and better insulating power. Obviously, you will get loftier and fluffy down comforter with increasing fill power numbers.
Fill power is the measure to determine the amount of gap one ounce of down takes. It is the indicator of warmth and quality of a down comforter for summer. If you buy down comforter having fill power number up to 400, you will get a very soft and lightweight warmth to feel at night. To get all season warmth, you should go with fill power 400-599. If you are looking for a best lightweight down comforter but want to feel warm while putting on at night, you have to go with fill power 600-799. And lastly, if you are looking for a down comforter that will provide you highest insulation and is best for winter warmth, buy with fill power number 800 and up.

Top 5 Best Down Comforters Review on 2016

1.Royal Hotel's King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This luxurious looking King size best goose down comforter has a long lasting filling inside composed of down-alternative fill, giving you the best medium level warmth. It has a medium weight and would not be an issue to maintain it or wash it when needed. It has been sized correctly to cover the king size bed having the dimensions as 106×90 inches and leave plenty of extra space covered, on the king size bed. It weighs 6.5 pounds in total. The fill power is about 750+ and fills weight of 86 ounces. The cover on the filling is 100% cotton with a 300 thread count to ensure a supple and soft outer peel.


• The cover also has the capability to retain the filling safely within the cover.
• It comes in solid white color and gives a plushy feel and perfect level warmth and comfort for the user.
• Further, it can be maintained and washed easily in a machine and can be dried in a dryer without losing its features and overall finish.
• Also, the inner filling is kept safe with long lasting results with the use of baffled box design and a 1 inch gusset throughout the sides, that prevent shifting of the fill.
• High fill power makes the comforter a best and soft.


• The only concern about this comforter is its fluffiness. It is not as fluffy as it seems to be or expected by the customers and also needs some time to gain its maximum fluff.
• In addition to this, people feel that, it’s a bit warmer than it should be and it may not be acceptable if you need medium warmth.

2.California-King Size Down Comforter

There is nothing better than a 100% original goose down comforter. This California king down comforter fulfills all qualities you would expect from a best goose down comforter. It is composed of Siberian goose down, making it fluffy, soft and durable with a medium level warmth. Due to its well-balanced comfort and warmth level, you can easily use this comforter throughout the year, without having any issues. The goose down filling is covered with 500TC, 100 percent Egyptian cotton cover. Also, there is a side gusset to help you enjoy an excellent spread warmth throughout the comforter. It is easy to maintain and weighs about 30 pounds and has a 60 oz down filling.


• The high thread count value ensures a soft and supple finish as well as a sure thing to keep the goose down safe inside.
• Another quality of this fabulous comforter is the luxurious fluff and fill power of 750FP.
• Due to the high fill power, the comforter is capable of retaining its fluff and luxurious feel for a long time.
• It is available in various sizes and comes in solid white.
• In addition to its external attributes, the inner filling is also structured in a way that enhances its luxurious feel, warmth and long lasting performance.
• The filling is maintained by a baffle box design that ensures, there will be no shifting of the down fill after a prolonged usage. It can only be dry cleaned due to the fact down cannot be machine washed.


• Some slight issues people face can be the increased warmth due to the fact it is made of down, but still the breathable nature give you a comfortable feel, even in the summers.
• Also, it would be a slightly heavier than the alternative down comforter but has sufficient fluff to make you feel soft and comfortable without overburdening.
All in all, this is one of the high quality down comforter with real Siberian goose down.

3. Oversized-Reversible Striped-Down Alternative Comforter

Best down alternative comforters have their benefits and are currently considered as a popular necessity for a comfortable bedding. This fluffy top by Blowout Bedding has got the comfort and luxury that you can enjoy all the year long, regardless of the seasonal changes and temperature highs and lows. In addition to its elegant cover that is capable of keeping the inner fill safe and would not let it out at any time, the cover has got a double appearance, one being plain white and the other side has stripped design to give you a reversible comforter for your usage. It weighs 55 oz or 5.7 pounds and is capable of giving you a medium warmth.


• The reason behind it is that it is filled with alternative down filling material that matches the softness and warmth provided by the actual down.
• It comes with fine 100% polyester filling that has been filled equally throughout the comforter. The outer cover is made of microfiber that ensures a safe cover for the inner filling.
• Due to the fine microfiber piling the exterior remains wrinkle free and doesn’t pile, no matter for how long it has been in use or has been washed over time.
• It comes with corner tabs to help you fit the comforter into a comforter cover.
• The exterior is soft and breathable, making it a comfortable, soft bedding accessory you can use in all seasons.
• The filling is kept in place with the help of boxed design and can be machine washed and dried without being harmed or any issues regarding filling leakage via the seams.


It is a bit heavy and thicker as compared to most of the alternative down comforters and if you are looking for a best light weight comforter, it may not work for you very well.

4. 1200 Thread Count King Siberian Goose Down comforter

Among the highest quality features of a down comforter, the most important are the cover that ensures the soft and breathable surface as well as keeps the filling safe from getting leaked. And also, the fill power and filling distribution of the top quality down. If you have got all these features in one comforter, then you should not miss to buy it. This pure down comforter manufactured By Egyptian linen has got the highest quality attributes that you can enjoy. The exterior is made of 100 % Egyptian cotton having 1200 thread count per square inch, ensuring a supple finish and a safer coverage for the down to stay inside without any issues. The fill power is about 750FP, and the total fill weight is 50 oz.


• The surface as well as the filling is breathable to maintain the fluff inside and lets you enjoy a sweat free warmth when you are in your bed.
• The down is distributed equally throughout the most comfortable comforter with the help of 1X1 square foot boxes.
• Another quality feature of this comforter is its hand harvested quality down filling that is not a common to occur feature among most of the down comforters.
• The comforter is very easy to use and can be dry cleaned.


You may not be able to machine wash the comforter as this is a pure down comforter and washing it in a washing machine or drying it in a tumble dryer, may ruin its filling and exterior.[/su_spoiler]

5. LUXURIOUS Queen Size Siberian GOOSE DOWN Comforter

Though Siberian is a term, that is used to exhibit the ability of the filling to provide extra warmth and the capability to resist cold or extreme weather as it can be observed in Siberia as down doesn’t come from Siberia. Rather, it is to show that, this comforter exhibits all the features you need to cope with extreme colds and winter season. This is an excellent, well manufactured, pure goose down comforter. It is capable of maintaining the fluff for up to 5-6 inches within each box center. It weighs about 10.4 pounds and has a filling of 60 oz with a fill power 750+ FP. The exterior is covered with 100% pure Egyptian cotton with 600TC per square inch. The inner filling is divided by little baffled boxed infrastructure, to make sure the down filling stays in its place and would not shift within the cells.
• The comforter has a filling that is well spread and kept in place with the help of baffled box compartments, so there is no chances or developing clumps or shifting of the down filling, ensuring a long lasting comfort and warmth.
• Due to its fluffy filling and quality down used as its filling material, the fluffy comforter is capable of giving you a high level comfort, medium level warmth and is very easy to use with no extra weight.
• The comforter is hypoallergenic and is 100 % free of any allergies or dust issues.


• It is composed of 100 % goose down so it may not be able to be washed at home in a washing machine and will need to be dry cleaned.
• Also, it would be slightly warmer as compared to alternative down comforters and may feel unfit for warmer climatic conditions.[/su_spoiler]

Know how to clean or wash your down comforter


It is important to know how you should take care of your down comforter. When you start to use it, shake it for a few minutes to restore the loft. You can do it by fluffing it in the dryer for a few minutes as well. Shake your comforters regularly to expand the down clusters.
You should wash your down comforters 2 or 3 times in a year aside from regular spot cleaning. Always read the instruction before washing or cleaning as some down comforters should be cleaned with dry cleaning only. For others, you can use mild detergent and warm water on a large machine washer. Mind it, and you can wash in the machine if your down comforter is machine washable. Use dryer rings and dryer balls to prevent clumping. To dry it, run on low in the dryer for a couple of hours. Make sure that the down is evenly dried. Gently steam the fabric to treat the wrinkled shell fabric. You should never iron it.
Keep your down comforters in a comforter cover. This habit will keep your bedding clean and elongates its life. You can frequently wash the comforter cover. It is recommended to clean your comforter cover than to wash your down comforter regularly. To maintain freshness, allow your bedding to rest in the air for some time. When you are not using your down comforter, keep it in a well-ventilated place. Plastic bags are not recommended for keeping the comforters as these can trap moisture and create mildew.

Some useful tips

When you are ready to buy the top down comforter brand for you, try to keep these simple tips in mind. These will surely help you to make the perfect purchase. b
• Understand your sleeping habits well. If you are used to sleeping in a warm room or like to wear thick nightgowns, heavyweight down comforter is not made for you then. It would be better you buy a lighter one. Comforter having filled power 500 or below will be perfect for you. And if you like to wear light night dresses while sleeping and your room temperature is cool, then for the utmost comfort; choose a ll bean down comforter. A comforter with fill power 600 and above will be perfect for you.
• When buying a comforter, stick your hand into the comforter and try to press a fiberfill clump with your forefinger and thumb. If you can rub your fingers quickly, then the comforter is less likely to form clumps over time.
• Check if the down comforter has a high thread count. It is important. 300 or more thread count on the outer fabric will be okay. You will see fewer clumps over time, and the threads will also prevent the down from extra movements.
• Try to pick the down comforters filled with white down. Although the color doesn’t have much role in insulating, it may look cool. The Down comforters with white down are perfect in January. If you want to buy a comforter with white down, wait for the right season.
• After buying your new down comforters, allow it to expand and reach maximum fluffiness and a loft. It may take near about 72 hours after unpacking.
Enjoy the thick, luxurious and warm down comforters. Maybe throughout the year or on the coldest winter nights, it is the solution for all. A variety of styles and variety of ranges of down vs down alternative comforter, choose which one is best for you. The down comforters are an investment for you, take your time and money to buy a suitable one. Don’t go with others as what are for them, may not be right for you. It is absolutely for your nights and your warmth. Only you can understand your comfort zone. Try to do some researches on different types of Ikea down comforter and then make the purchase. Follow the instruction on how to maintain and enjoy your pick

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